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BOARDROOM INSIDER is published monthly for directors, CEOs, those who work with corporate and nonprofit boards (corporate secretaries, corporate counsel, support staff, and consultants), and those who are board prospects. Ralph D. Ward is author of the books Boardroom Q&A, The New Boardroom Leaders, Saving the Corporate Board, Improving the Corporate Board and 21st Century Corporate Board, and a speaker on corporate board issues.


Founded in 2001 the CMO Council, the CMO Council serves as the premiere peer-powered network for senior marketing decision makers. It is the only global network of executives specifically dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership and personal relationship building among senior corporate marketing leaders and brand decision-makers across a wide range of global industries.
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The greatest mix of consultants, speakers, authors, podcasters, TV contributors, trainers, and coaches serving the c-suite, these advisors are each notable in their field of expertise. They are the support system meshed behind the strongest C-Level Executives in the world as these professionals offer a range of opportunity from 1-on-1 consults to entire team building environments.

Focus on the “how” of Digital is based on continuously and rapidly building new experiences, using a platform-centric approach. Integrating internal and external data and moving to a software-driven business model form the foundation of this platform-centric approach. Software-driven is not just about software, but also a mindset to continuously discover, design and manage digital experiences in an agile fashion. This focus on the “how” is important. Join this council to learn - How Digital leaders are dealing with continuous change - “How” to implement digital transformation in your organizations Digital transformation must be a “continuous transformation by design” and not a one-time modernization. It is about continuously crafting new lights, not just keeping the lights on. This is a transformation about how to sell to customers, engage with employees, and cultivate their loyalties. At the same time, the company has to constantly increase the speed of its decisions and actions. All this points to how a business is experienced by its stakeholders, by consumers, partners, channels and employees.

The Hero CEO Club membership is by invitation only for Founders and CEOs with the vision and drive to take our companies to the next level. Our expanding network of like-minded entrepreneurs who give as much as we take. We are a community of learners and strivers, and only invite those with this kind of grit and determination. The Hero Club enjoys a variety of retreats and educational summits where we gain access to member-only advice, communications, and proven business methodologies that help to ensure their companies are targeted for success. We are also privilege to an exclusive networking system that puts us in touch with other entrepreneurs.


Conversation hub for questions, research, and experience and the practical application of mindful as a leadership and business practice that develops greater profitability and awakened corporate culture. 
Supply Chain Viewpoints is an open forum for discussions surrounding supply chain networks varying from and not limited to lowering transportation costs, distribution planning, vendor inbound freight, outbound freight, disruptors, carrier advancements, consumer expectations, and warehouse fulfillment strategies.


Watermark’s mission is to increase the number of women in leadership positions by empowering our members to make their mark in their companies, careers and communities. We do that by connecting female executives from throughout the Bay Area, designing and delivering the most comprehensive and customizable leadership development programs – including our Watermark Conference for Women, Silicon Valley – and advocating for gender parity throughout all companies, beginning at the top. Where other organizations focus on a single job function or industry, Watermark’s membership is the most diverse and most connected that a networking organization can offer. We are the only group open to members representing all fields and functions. With such a broad cross-section of influential executives, members establish bigger networks and pursue greater opportunities for success. Watermark Prestige Membership is $1000/year. C-Suite Network members are invited to join Watermark at a 15% discount.


Women in the Boardroom (WIB) is committed to translating the intellect, skills and expertise of their members into inaugural or additional powerful corporate director roles. We do this by ensuring our members have a board portfolio that highlights their skill set for board positioning, and teaching them how to network their way to a corporate board seat and how to maintain strong and connected relationships with boards through WIB’s virtual platform. Other WIB offerings designed to connect our members with board contacts include WIB’s Matchmaking Program, board opening notifications and exclusive invites to events such as the Annual Board Assembly. Senior-level executive women are encouraged to join as a member of WIB to accelerate their path into the corporate boardroom.


Women Who Dare is a prestigious global network advancing women in leadership. The council provides an opportunity to engage, encourage, empower, and grow your network and achieve excellence. Members live and work around the globe, across multiple disciplines, technical, professional services, entrepreneurs, and C-Suite executives.

Our Promise

 The council is an exclusive group where professional women network, learn best practices, and empower each other to become your best self.

Our Mission
The mission is to help executive women achieve excellence and Be Unstoppable Together.
Target Audience
Women who are looking to make an impact, influence, and provide inspiration to others. Membership is available to professional Women in the C-Suite and/or those who are building their entrepreneurial business with revenue of $1K or greater. Involvement in your community and have the desire to connect and support other women in their quest to achieve excellence. We are looking for women who are like-minded and ready to become an iconic woman and make a difference around the globe.
Why Join?
Receive exclusive benefits: Such as exclusive invitations to live events where you will expand your network with professional women around the globe. Member only benefits help you scale your skills and talents to achieve excellence and be heard in the boardroom or working from your paradise.
  • Private access to the Women Who Dare Council
  • Events and Speaking Opportunities
  • Personal access to your peers who will impact your success
  • Advisory Board Participation: Members of the Council are given priority consideration · for selection as a member of the Advisory board.
  • Events & Sponsorships: receive the ‘right of first refusal’ to sponsor all Council events.
  • Briefings: Weekly live fireside chats are key components to the development of your · personal and professional growth.
  • Right of first refusal’ to host a fireside chat. All members are invited to participate and · share your views and concerns.
  • Special Reports & Publications: Exclusive content on trends and discussions taking · place in business today.
  • Network with your peers and enhance your personal brand
  • Build courage, confidence, character, and connect with a community of global leaders; · 500+ companies in 200+ cities.
  • Complimentary linkage on the Pheiff Group and Up or Out Network website.
  • Access to learning resources 24 x 7; engage on your time
  • Full access pass to Women Who Dare conferences


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