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C-Suite Vault is a secure and structured digital filing cabinet that allows you to efficiently and conveniently store, manage and share your most important financial, legal and personal documents and information in an encrypted private cloud. C-Suite Vault enables you to quickly and seamlessly collaborate with your network of Trusted Advisors, including wealth advisors, financial planners, accountants, lawyers, family members and assistants.

How does C-Suite Vault work?

C-Suite Vault will help you:

Keep Your Information Safe and Secure
Receive top-tier protection for your most important information with C-Suite Vault’s proprietary security layer, bank-grade encryption and high security storage.

Save Valuable Time
Eliminate wasted hours locating and filing documents and information. With C-Suite Vault you can quickly and easily upload, organize and store all of your documents in one place, saving you and your trusted advisors valuable time.

Save Your Money
Save significant costs on internal administration, professional service billings and physical document storage and rest easy knowing that your estates vital assets are accounted for, organized and at your finger tips.

Stay Connected and in Control
Quickly and easily share documents and assets with your family and Trusted Advisors in a secure, discrete and fiduciary environment and add or remove access to your vault at any time.

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